Welcome To Our Website

It has been a long time coming, but we have finally taken the time to put something up here, so that you can see what's going on with us and the Karaoke in this area.

We offer Karaoke, DJ and Trivia Games to entertain you.

Rj's Entertainment was started in 2005, primarily as a Karaoke Company, soon we added DJ Services and now we are offering Trivia Games.

We were the first in this area to offer a fully computerized Karaoke System. To keep us ahead of our compitetion, we got rid of our song books and added SongFinder©, a computerized system that allowed our guests to send us their requests via the computer. Now as times are changing, we now offer our Song Kiosk, this computer system will maintain your song history, as well as, let you search our entire database of songs. To top that off, now you can use your Smart Phone to send in your requests. We are always trying to stay on top with all the new bells and whistles that we can offer you. we think that just keeps the fun in it.

As of late, we have not been keeping up with our mailing list, please rest assured, we will have it up and running by December of this year

Please remember, the venues that we perform at, pay us to be there. We ask, that you as a patron, please be sure to support them by purchasing dinner and/or drinks. Without your support, we will not be there and soon, we will be out of business.

New To Our Growing Ways To Entertain

Are you in to Trivia? We are now offering Trivia games, enjoy Jeopardy? Wheel of Fortune? We can now host Trivia Games at your local watering hole or your Corporate Event. We have 1000's of questions ready to go or we can put in your questions for your Special Event or Training Class